Our Advantage
30 Years of Unparalleled Experience

Founded by former college presidents Tom Langevin and the late Allen Koenig, The Registry initiated and accelerated a new trend in American higher education—the utilization of outside interim presidents. A decade later the membership and the span of interim positions expanded to include senior administrators.  This expansion occurred when the firm was acquired by Collegiate Enterprise Solutions, which made it possible for George Matthews and Bryan Carlson to join the leadership team. Today, with a membership of 1,000-plus, The Registry has experienced uninterrupted growth and expansion, as it continues to be the dominant firm in the interim executive space.

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Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Registry and Registry Advisory Services (RAS) are fully committed to the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion in all corporate and placement related activities. In addition, we are fully supportive of our Interims and the institutions where they serve in their aligned pursuit and ultimate quest for the universal fulfillment of diversity, equity and inclusion principles throughout our society and across the globe.

Experienced Leadership Team
George J. Matthews Chancellor & CEO Read Bio
Amy Lauren Miller Vice President Read Bio
Kevin J. Matthews President, Registry Advisory Services (RAS) &
Vice President, The Registry
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Ian D.C. Newbould, Ph.D. Registry Member and
Senior Consultant
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Lucille H. Sansing, Ph.D. Registry Member and
Senior Consultant
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Robert V. Smith, Ph.D. Registry Member and
Senior Consultant
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Rev. Dr. James L. Martin Registry Member and
Senior Consultant
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Rev. Dr. William C. Nelsen Registry Member,
Senior Consultant, and
Seminary Practice Leader
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Dr. Richard Green Registry Member and
Senior Consultant
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Larry Lewellen Senior Consultant and RAS Human Resources Practice Leader Read Bio
Karen Whitney, Ph.D. Registry Member and Senior Consultant Read Bio
Richard Ekman, Ph.D. Special Advisor Read Bio
Antoinette C. Fanikos Chief Financial Officer Read Bio
Nicole R. Cormier Director of Client Support Read Bio
Mikaela H. Rodgers Director of Business Development Read Bio
Linda D. Midland Director of Marketing and RAS Operations Read Bio
Alison Slater Director of Membership Read Bio
Kate O'Donnell Administrative Assistant to the Vice President Read Bio
Parent Company

The Registry is a subsidiary of Collegiate Enterprise Solutions, LLC (CES), which manages the largest and most comprehensive consulting network in the nation exclusively dedicated to higher education.  CES utilizes the Registry’s membership base of past presidents and senior administrators, which represents an unparalleled network of higher education consultants.

Our Strategic Partner

In 2014 The Registry formalized a new strategic partnership with Academic Search, Inc., which is a subsidiary of the American Academic Leadership Institute, a nonprofit organization supporting leadership identification, development, research and support programs across all sector of public and private higher education. Academic Search is the nation’s oldest and most renowned executive search firm.

The partnership is a win/win for clients and brings the following benefits:

  • Both The Registry and Academic Search will be able to focus more exclusively on the primary missions, which will result in greater efficiency, cost-savings and better perspectives for clients.
  • When both interim placement and executive search services are required, it will be possible for clients to achieve seamless leadership transitions while avoiding the pitfalls of sequential searches.
  • When arranging for services from either firm, clients will receive discounts and preferential treatment from the other firm.
  • This partnership will enable unparalleled consulting services related to leadership transitions including succession planning, interim placements, executive searches, and pre- and post-search consultative support.