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The Registry seeks highly qualified, veteran executives with a sincere interest in fulfilling interim assignments.

Registry members are interested in continuing to serve and make a difference in the academy. Most of our members are retired and are immediately available to step into interim roles. It is not uncommon for Registry interims to build trust quickly, take risks, and be decisive. As a result, our interims are extremely effective and become an integral part of each college and university community


Additional Benefits of Membership   

Members frequently report an extraordinary level of professional fulfillment as a result of applying their talents and skills beyond retirement. As a member, you will be invited to The Registry’s Annual Seminar where you can continue your professional development and discuss the most pressing issues in academia. While members are not guaranteed steady work, there is also no expectation to declare candidacy for any given opportunity; you are encouraged to apply for those that feel like a perfect fit.


Our Membership Process

The Registry extends invitations to apply for membership based on nominations and direct inquiries. As part of the process, applicants will learn about the requirements and expectations of Registry membership, submit a resume and references, and pass media and background checks. Once applicants are fully vetted, The Registry will extend an offer of membership.


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Testimonials from Members

“Not ready to retire? Neither was I. There is far too much to do! Thanks to The Registry, I am matched with great institutions and help them transform their visions and strategic plans into realities. For me, this often involves promoting student excellence, transformative curriculum, diversity-equity-inclusion, and community engagement. Living in different regions and contributing to higher education nationwide is work that matters. Join us, explore The Registry.”

Dorothy Campbell, PhD – Registry Member


“Having worked for different institutions in different capacities, I feel fulfilled to have the opportunity to touch lives and change academia for the better, while working side-by-side with peers in different institutions.”

Carlos Tasso E. Aquino, PhD – Registry Member


"I love working with The Registry – their professional staff takes care of all the contract negotiations and details. I wasn’t planning to go back to work quite yet, but when a colleague recommended me for this job, The Registry staff immediately made it happen! I highly recommend The Registry to experienced professionals looking for their next opportunity.”

Ann Liska – Registry Member