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Being Prepared for Anything

On most campuses, the vice president of student life and the president play the pivotal role in the key decisions regarding student life crisis management.  In response to  the higher number of complex and challenging student life cases occurring on college campuses each semester, Registry Advisory Services (RAS) has created a new offering to train and prepare current campus leaders and their management teams to successfully respond to the most challenging student life issues facing their institutions.


Student Affairs Leadership and Management Solutions - the Members of this practice serve as campus change agents via short-term consulting engagements that include campus visits, regular reports and trainings in order to provide expertise in the following areas:

  • The RAS Student Affairs Leadership and Management Solutions Consultant will:
    • Define Success: Lead efforts to define what future success looks like for your student affairs team.
    • Assessment: Provide Student Affairs Division Review and Assessment
    • Plan Design: Design a plan and timeline to achieve the ideal state
    • Professional Development: Provide professional development with a focus on managing and leading student life crisis.
    • Build Teams: Hire and Orient new Student Affairs leaders and team members.
    • Strengthen Partnerships: Develop stronger partnerships between Student Life, Academic Affairs and any additional college wide departments.
    • Define and Clarify: Train the senior leadership in their role during student life crisis.
    • Ongoing Consultation: Provide consultation as needed.


Practice Leader


Dr. Leslie Averill


Dr. Averill brings more than 25 years of management and leadership experience to the Registry as Student Affairs Practice Leader.  For the last 15 years, Dr. Averill has focused primarily on higher education leadership, serving in a variety of roles including vice president of student affairs and Title IX coordinator. Dr. Averill has also served as an adjunct instructor teaching leadership, management, and communication studies.  


Dr. Averill possesses a unique skill set that strikes the critical balance between developing innovative strategies for future institutional success while leading teams of faculty and staff addressing the immediate needs that comprise day-to-day work and student crisis management.  Dr. Averill’s most innovative body of work, the design, and implementation of the nation’s leading life skill curriculum was reported by John Tierney in The Atlantic Magazine article titled  “What Would an Ideal College Look Like? A Lot Like This.”

Leslie earned her Doctorate of Education and Leadership Policy Studies from the University of Vermont in 2012.  

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