Strategies for the COVID-19 Crisis

What We Do

We provide interim executives and administrators for the academy, and because we are membership-based, the Registry is positioned to offer a wide range of unique personnel solutions to help our industry, our college/university clients, and our colleagues at other search firms working on permanent appointments. In summary, we are committed to helping every one of our colleagues navigate successfully through this current period of unprecedented challenge.


REGISTRY Strategies for the COVID-19 Crisis

  1. Flexible Placement Schedules—Our interim candidates have been pre-vetted and pre-qualified; they can be matched immediately to the specific needs and requirements of individual institutions; in addition, both remote and onsite start dates are flexible and adjustable.                                                                                                                                          
  2. Video-Conferencing Placement Procedures—Our placements can be facilitated and expedited by videoconferencing from remote locations; and by customizing those procedures in response to the criteria and specifications of our college/university clients.

  3. Deferred Permanent Employment Decisions—Many institutions are deferring long-term personnel commitments to avoid additional costs until we get beyond the Covid-19 Crisis— the Registry can help to fill that void.

  4. Alignment with Search Firms—The Registry will collaborate with your search firm to align the completion date for the Registry Interim with the targeted date for the appointment of the next permanent executive; and there is additional flexibility because Registry engagements are subject to 30-notices.

  5. Interim Staffing for Mandatory Positions—Sometimes it is mandatory by statute or regulation to staff executive and administrative positions, for which the Registry can often provide candidates who fulfill the requirements.

  6. Registry Interims Can Work Remotely—As an option, our Interims can work remotely during periods of mandated containment and mitigation; and start dates can remain flexible.

  7. Adjustments to Meet Economic Challenges—Registry Interims can be strategically deployed to help institutions scale their enterprises and to conserve on budgetary resources.

  8. Seasoned Professionals and Veterans of the Academy—Many of our Members have broad experience with crisis management; and they also evince an ethos and desire to give back to the academy, which is often demonstrated by a willingness to assume subordinate positions.

  9. Unanticipated Vacancies—Now more than ever, the Registry will be ready to respond immediately—we will be there for you and your colleagues.

  10. RAS Consulting Services—Our Members can also be deployed through our consulting arm, Registry Advisory Services (RAS), which effectively increases the accessibility of our unparalleled human resources for the benefit of our college and university clients.



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