Resilient Futures

Alternative Futures, including New Programs, Partnerships and Mergers


Increasingly, interim leaders placed on campuses by The Registry are finding themselves either invited to join merger and strategic partnership discussions, or, in fact, being selected specifically for their interim role because the college or university is actively considering a joint-venture with another institution and their fresh perspective and career experience is valued in setting a new path forward.  


Since 2008, higher education institutions have been challenged by the conflicting demands to lower costs while providing expanded services and support, and to start new degree programs while simultaneously reducing the number of full-time, tenured faculty.  As a result, a growing number of colleges are reaching out to other institutions, even those with whom they compete, to consider partnering in order to conserve resources and leverage their combined size and strength.   To help drive these conversations, Registry Advisory Services has created a new Practice area in Mergers, Partnerships, and Acquisitions.


The leaders of this Practice will assemble teams to visit individual or partnering campuses to assess, review, and make recommendations in a variety of key areas including the following:


  • Academic Program Health and Complementarity
  • Enrollment Management and Financial Aid Opportunities
  • Collaborative or Joint-Budget Development
  • Student Services-Academic Affairs Partnerships
  • Auxiliary Services Cost Analysis and Savings
  • Systematic Processes to Forge New Directions and Partnership Options


Moving beyond strategic partnerships and co-ventures, RAS teams also have prior experience to advise on full institutional mergers or acquisitions.  Several contributors to two of the best-known books on these issues, Consolidating Colleges and Merging Universities, and Merging Colleges for Mutual Growth, serve on RAS teams that identify and implement customized solutions for institutions in need.


We invite interested college and university leaders to contact us about scheduling a conversation to discuss the most effective strategies to design an institutional partnership or to accomplish a merger or acquisition.



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