Optimizing Academic Balance (OAB)

Reduce Curriculum Costs While Increasing Student Enrollment Using Optimizing Academic Balance (OAB)

Now your college/university President, Chief Academic Officer and CFO can have access to the Optimizing Academic Balance (OAB) analysis process to provide a thorough examination of their institution’s academic programs including market potential and cost and revenue for all college academic programs, including undergraduate, non-traditional and graduate.


OAB provides institutions with effective tools to use in making crucial academic decisions needed to stay competitive by:

  • Examining the long-term viability of each major
  • Identifying opportunities for growth or expansion
  • Identifying areas where costs may need to be contained or reduced
  • Providing knowledge to redirect resources where needed most to increase enrollment, maximize the value of the curriculum and strengthen institutional viability


OAB analyzes:

  • The costs of each major based on faculty salary and benefit information and department operating budget
  • The costs for full-time faculty including consideration for each course a faculty member teaches
  • The costs for faculty members who teach in more than one department and the allocations of faculty member compensation to the appropriate program
  • The costs associated with courses that are primarily general education courses are treated separately from the costs of courses that are primarily or exclusively for majors
  • The costs for compensated faculty time devoted to non-teaching activities (e.g., department chair, release time, etc.)
  • The costs for stipends and for adjunct faculty


OAB yields:

  • Evidence needed to support tough institutional decisions
  • Coordination between admissions/recruiting and program needs
  • Increased revenue from targeted growth
  • Decreased costs in carefully identified areas

Kenneth L. Hoyt

KENNETH L. HOYT, PHD, has been a Registry Member since 2016 and is the founding principal and president of The Higher Education Practice, LLC. He has a 30-year career in higher education, having served as president of Centenary College of New Jersey, president of The Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges, Inc., vice president for The University of Akron, and in various leadership positions at Otterbein College and Baldwin-Wallace College. He holds a PhD in higher education administration and leadership from Ohio University, an MA in journalism/PR from The Ohio State University, and a BA in business administration/marketing from Baldwin-Wallace College

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