College and university presidents have utilized The Registry's services to appoint interim leaders who bring invaluable leadership acumen and strategic vision to their institutions during transitional phases. By tapping into The Registry's extensive network of experienced professionals, these presidents can swiftly fill crucial leadership positions with individuals who possess the requisite expertise and administrative prowess. These interims seamlessly assume their roles, providing stability and guidance to the institution while the search for a permanent successor is underway. The Registry's tailored approach ensures that the interim's skills align with the institution's specific needs, fostering continuity and progress in achieving organizational objectives.

Our robust membership of vetted and experienced higher education professionals is drawn from a wide range of higher education institutions including:

  • Large public and private universities
  • Small liberal arts colleges
  • Religiously affiliated institutions
  • Single gender institutions
  • Community colleges
  • Historically Black and Hispanic-serving institutions
  • And more

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