Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Lead Change without Changing Leaders

The potential of any educational institution is limited by the capabilities of its current leaders.

High profile leadership turnover is costly and unnecessarily disruptive.

Registry Advisory Services helps schools, colleges and universities discover new frontiers for growth by supporting the professional development of current and future institutional leaders.

Experienced mentors guide sitting and aspiring senior executives through a three-stage process of:

  1. Assessing institutional leadership needs and current leadership capacity;
  2. Aligning organizational needs and objectives with each leader’s personal growth goals;
  3. Achieving results that advance the institution by growing the capabilities of its current leaders and expanding its pool of future leaders.

It is the most effective and efficient way to lead change without changing leaders.

Registry Mentors

Registry mentors are pre-screened, veteran executives who are immediately available to be matched to the needs and requirements of our education clients and their current and future leaders.



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