Emerge Stronger with The Registry


Help Your Institution Emerge From The Pandemic Stronger Than Ever

An interim from The Registry can help your college or university accelerate its recovery from the pandemic. We have over 1,000 vetted members with decades of experience who are available to immediately accept interim leadership positions and help your institution emerge stronger than ever.

The Registry Advantage

Strategic Options

Registry interims have helped institutions increase capacity, expand strategic options and improve competitive positions.

Flexible and Nimble

Our members can be initially engaged to work remotely with the option to move on-site during the post-pandemic recovery.

Membership Based

Our membership-based business model is the GOLD STANDARD for interim placements — it facilitates immediate engagements that have flexible and adjustable durations of service.

Proven Success

The Registry has a proven track record of providing the best interim talent and pricing while delivering superior results.

Alliances for Prosperity

The Registry interims and Registry Advisory Services (RAS) consultants have helped institutions form multi-sector alliances and new organizational structures to build stronger foundations and more prosperous futures.

The Registry is honored to have helped dozens of public and private institutions throughout the pandemic. As the preference for interims continues to grow around the globe, The Registry will continue to lead the way with interim solutions of choice.