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Academic Portfolio Assessments and Solutions

On most campuses, the provost, or chief academic officer, plays the pivotal role in the  key decisions on strategic planning, budget development, program assessment, and faculty productivity, among many other weekly priorities. 

In light of the high number of experienced academic leaders among its current Membership, Registry Advisory Services (RAS) has a Practice area to help address some of the most challenging issues facing their current campus leaders while remaining mindful that creative decisions can also drive revenue generation to strengthen missions and infrastructure.

Academic Portfolio Assessments and Solutions engages Registry Members of this Practice serving as campus change agents via short-term consulting engagements that include, when possible, campus visits and regular reports in order to provide to external expertise in the following areas:


  • Academic Program Review and Prioritization
  • Academic Program Cost and ROI analysis
  • New Academic Program Development
  • Strengthening the Institution’s Academic Culture
  • Professional Development Workshops for Academic Deans
  • Orienting and Mentoring Department Chairs
  • Hiring and Orienting a new Academic Leadership Team
  • New Trends in Faculty Development
  • Redesigning and Repackaging Aging Programs
  • Program Closure Guidelines
  • Developing Stronger Partnerships Between Academic and Student Affairs


This is a representative list of the most commonly requested services for our Academic Advisors.   Interested college and university leaders are invited to request customized combinations of these services or to outline a specific set of institutional circumstances that would benefit from external assessment.


As our Members already know, Registry appointments in academic leadership positions can include serving as curriculum developers, academic governance specialists, grant designers, and even athletics supervisors, as well as familiar roles as leader of the faculty and member of the institution’s senior management team.  We invite interested presidents and others to contact us about designing a focused academic plan to strengthen your institution.


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