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Given the current state of student affairs in higher education across the country and the ever changing needs of the student body, The Registry has added a new consultancy line of expertise to its business options.  The expertise from proven student life professionals provides immediate action leadership on college campuses during challenging times of student unrest.


In 2018 we experienced an influx of administrators reaching out for help with challenging student life concerns all related to student unrest for a variety of reasons such as an increase in student mental health counseling cases, student conduct or Title IX cases.  Every situation was important, complex and emergent.  Given our experiences we recognize that when Colleges and Universities call us for help their need is immediate. Increasingly, college administrators are finding themselves in immediate need of expert advice, leadership and action for short durations of time. 


This is a common scenario on college campuses across the nation and throughout the calendar year.  The Registry expects this demand will continue to grow in number and intensity for the foreseeable future.  We recognize colleges and universities need help much faster when responding to the challenges associated with the urgency of student life challenges.


  • The Registry Advisory Services (RAS) Student Life Triage Consultants provide:
    • Immediate assistance. RAS can move to action and will assign a consultant within 24-48 hours.  Triage begins as soon as campus leadership can schedule time to discuss the scenario on the phone with the assigned consultant and will continue until the consultant arrives on campus.  (One day of travel is also likely needed dependent on location of college and consultant.)
    • Expertise. RAS will provide a seasoned professional adept in managing and leading challenging campus scenarios and campus crisis.
    • Immediate Analysis. The RAS Student Life Triage Consultant will assess the situation and develop an immediate triage plan.
    • Leadership. The RAS Student Life Triage Consultant will provide on campus leadership and action.
    • Action Plan. The RAS Student Life Triage Consultant will conduct a robust debrief with the college/university administration and provide action plan recommendations for near term future management of the student life situation.

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