Financial and Operations Assessment and Restructuring-new edit

Building Strength and Sustainability

Financial stability and efficiency are the key to the long-term strength of of a college or university. 

Our financial experts will analyze the financial position of an institution and recommend areas of strength and weakness and recommend structural changes that could make the institution more strong and financially sustainable.


Strategy, Planning, and Management

  • Assess and evaluate financial performance of organization through strategic financial modeling with regard to long-term operational goals, budgets and forecasts.
  • Provide insight and recommendations regarding both the short-term and long-term plans of the institution. Execute necessary strategies and monitor the outcomes to achieve stated goals.
  • Establish yearly financial objectives that align with the institution’s plan for growth and expansion. Particular key areas of collaboration include: partnering with the Provost and deans on all financial aspects of academic affairs;
  • working on the ramifications of strategic plan;
  • working to understand and account for overall university enrollment projections
  • working with the VP of Advancement and staff on tracking and reporting of gifts.
  • Implement and adapt control systems, software, and procedures to maintain oversight of institutional financial data, budgeting, and spending.


Strategic Financial Analysis, Budgeting, and Forecasting

  • Develop forward-looking models based on analysis of investment needs, cost and revenue structures, and potential ROI. Apply preferred model to help drive strategic decision-making for the university’s plans, current operations, and needs based on evaluation of findings.
  • Develop multi-year budgets built to promote financial stability and factor in changes in enrollment as new academic offerings are developed. Identify, develop and execute decision-making based on analysis of business initiatives, program launches and/or new course offerings. Collaborate in evaluating new program/projects, culminating in financial feasibility studies and offering analysis of potential for success and ROI.
  • Engage Finance and Investment Committees to develop short term and long term plans, projections and budgets. Oversee endowment and investments in coordination with Investment Committee to optimize resources and fulfill said plans.
  • Develop and maintain annual operating budgets in concert with all the major budget units and with Operations for capital budgets. Participate in monthly review of financial data and make changes as required.
  • Develop a tool set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that provide a dynamic snapshot of the University’s financial health. Work with the Provost’s Office and Office of Strategy and Implementation to create a common set of data metrics that will support decision making.


 Internal Operations

  • Facilitate cultural shift among all reporting units to ground operations in strategic financial analysis in addition to budgeting and accounting principles.
  • Oversee cash, investments and asset management functions.
  • Explore new investment opportunities and provide recommendations on potential returns and risks.
  • Manage cash flow planning process and ensure funds availability.
  • Supervise the accounting department to ensure the proper functioning of all systems, databases and financial software. Confirm regular maintenance and backup of all accounting systems.
  • Enhance and implement financial and accounting systems, processes, tools and control systems and eliminate workaround systems which imped mangers ability to look across the university and see the same data.
  • Working closely with the Controller and Associate Director of Finance, oversee weekly cash management and AP Department, approve large payables, sign checks, authorize large wires and ACHs. In conjunction with Student Accounting Services, monitor AR and the collections process and recommend changes to minimize bad debt.
  • Work with General Counsel and Director of Procurement on contract reviews and work collaboratively with all units of the University to design a comprehensive procurement plan for the efficient and economic delivery of goods and services in compliance with all laws and regulations and university policies and procedures.


Risk Management and External Compliance

  • Responsible for annual insurance renewals and on-going day-to day insurance claims; this includes a risk assessment associated with the University’s coverage.
  • Oversee banking relationships and assess the investment performance of fund managers. Represent University to banks, financial partners, other institutions, donors, public auditors and rating agencies such as Standard and Poor’s.
  • Ensure timeliness and accuracy of financial and management reporting data for federal funders, foundations, donors and Trustees. Oversee the preparation and timely filing of all local, state and federal tax returns.
  • In conjunction with the Audit Committee, hire and manage the external auditors. Serve as a key point of contact for external auditors; manage preparation and support of all external audits.

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