Our Difference

Interim leadership for higher education is our exclusive focus.

Membership has its privileges

The Registry helps colleges and universities with interim placements, not searches, thanks to our membership base of over 500 pre-screened members and pre-qualified veteran executives.

Registry members are immediately prepared to assume interim engagements for terms that can span anywhere from a few months to several years. 



Good things come in threes

The Registry will immediately generate a pool of candidates and help you select three for a campus visit. This is followed by a highly efficient and productive campus visit that almost always results in the appointment of your interim.

Flexible terms of service

Registry Interims cannot become candidates for the permanent position, but their periods of service can be extended by mutual agreement to achieve a seamless transition leading to the appointment of the next permanent executive.



Friendly to your budget

The initial placement activities of the Registry are provided at no cost or obligation. Registry fees—with the exception of travel reimbursements—are only incurred once a candidate is selected and engaged at your institution.

In addition, Registry fees are budget-friendly, and in many instances do not exceed the institution’s established budget.